Take the mystery out of accounting

If you’re looking for a go-to book that can help take the mystery out of accounting and offer a few short cuts along the way Financial Accounting, 10th Edition can do that.
Written by some of the best accounting teachers in the business: John Hoggett, John Medlin, Keryn Chalmers, Andreas Hellmann, Claire Beattie, Jodie Maxfield, the mystery of accounting is simplified and made easier with their explicit instructions and accounting aids.

As part of the package videos are used that can offer realistic problems to solve that could possibly come up in the practice of accounting. As with most professions accounting is ever evolving and learning from a panel of experts will ensure you have all of the information you need to start out ahead of the game in your chosen field.
Financial Accounting, 10th Edition also offers important periodic revision options that will help you make sure you are learning the key concepts as you move through the course and give you a chance to review areas you might need to cover one more time.


A number of bonus features that come with this instruction manual make it one of the most important purchases you will make for any class.
Another important option that is included with Financial Accounting, 10th Edition can help in coursework by offering a personalized practice with feedback from the experts that is immediate. The feature is Personalized Practice: The Student Adaptive Pathway and is powered by ORION.


Access your course materials whenever and wherever you are by learning with the online textbook option. The interactive capability gives you access to additional media and other activities to be used as learning aids. Financial Accounting, 10th Edition uses the popular WileyPLUS Learning Space. Students learn and retain in different ways and by offering a variety of options for learning and then retaining the important material you will need to know for the course ensures you will find this one suitable for you and it will help in making sure the class is a good fit.

Accounting is so much more than just numbers. Learn the right processes and the methods needed to know, including valuable shortcuts that will make your job even easier once you are employed in your chosen career field.


Each of the authors is a notable name in accounting. John Hoggett has spent 40 years teaching accounting. His courses have included introductory accounting, accounting theory and corporate accounting. An Associate Professor in the School of Commerce at the USA, Dr. John Medlin, has lectured in financial accounting, management accounting, accounting theory, business finance and economics. Keryn Chalmers is the dean of the Swinburne Business School at the Swinburne University of Technology. He was the deputy dean and professor of accounting at Monash University.Andreas Hellmann is a senior lecturer in the Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance at Macquarie University financial and international accounting are both specialties. Claire Beattie lectures in the School of Commerce at the University of Southern Queensland. She has experience teaching financial and management accounting.Jodie Maxfield, lectures in accounting at James Cook University.
Financial Accounting, 10th edition is a valuable tool for any accounting student.