The book still uses real-life experiences

Information Systems or IS is the study of computers and data and networking management. If you are searching for programs or courses you can also find listings using the terms Management Information Systems (MIS) or Information Technology (IT).

These types of programs are very popular and are offered by colleges and universities as degree conferring programs, by employers as part of their professional development programs, and as a set of independent courses that can be completed by any individual seeking a credential. There are a number of choices for texts to accompany these courses but one of the most commonly used is Management Information Systems 4th Edition published by Wiley. This is a text of choice because it takes an active learning approach to the material and encourages participation by all students.

The first three editions began the discussion of the various types of information systems and stressed the connections between an organization’s structure and the way it uses and manages its technology. The Management Information Systems 4th Edition continues this discussion but focuses on current organizational hierarchies and emerging technologies. The book still uses real-life experiences and examples to demonstrate concepts and immerses students in hypothetical business conflicts on both a national and international level.

The text separates course topics into discreet subject areas with assignments and activities specific to each. It presents IS in a realistic context so theoretical concepts can be better understood. It also includes technology guides and Microsoft exercises at the end of each chapter so that students can practice. Management Information Systems 4th Edition may be rented or purchased in hardback or paperback but if you want additional resources that can help you study and collaborate with classmates you should consider the ebook version which gives you 24/7 access on up to 4 devices.

Regardless of the text version that you purchase, once this text is chosen instructors and students get access to the Wiley Plus website through which everyone can find lecture notes, training videos and case studies. The site contains a complete overview of the entire course as well as additional information on computer hardware, operating systems, and computer engineering. This site also helps instructors identify the most difficult topics and shows students the areas in which they may need additional support. The website provides so many viewpoints from which to examine the information that it makes the text an even more valuable resource.